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Dive into a world of wonder and meet the delightful friends who make every adventure unforgettable!

Whimsical World Explorers: Meet the Magical Crew!

Inspired by a majestic hawk, Jenny dreams of building a flying machine.  Her inquisitive nature drives her to delve into the science behind flight and the world of aerodynamics.  She conducts experiments and learns about wing design exploring the principles of lift, weight, thrust, and drag.  Jenny’s perseverance leads to surprising success.



A red-tailed hawk with feathers that are a breathtaking array of russet and gold, is a sage of the skies, and a teacher of the principles of flight.  With each lesson, Hawk imparts knowledge of balance and the delicate dance between lift, weight, thrust, and drag.  He also encourages all to learn from their mistakes and never give up!


Jude is a thrill seeker with a mastery of the skateboard.  His piercing eyes reflect a daring spirit, and his sun-kissed hair falls effortlessly as he pushes the boundaries of speed.  Racing up and down ramps, navigating through the air with amazing precision and control, Jude demonstrates roll, pitch, and yaw as he flies through the sky. 



Kitty is a cheetah with a playful spirit who bridges the gap between land and air instilling in young minds not only the thrill of speed, but also the importance of balance, control, and the harmonious dance of roll, pitch, and yaw.  Using her agile body to demonstrate rapid, precise maneuvers, Kitty gracefully shows how to harness and control speed.

Jet’s insatiable curiosity drives her to explore the mysteries of the night sky, and invent ways to help her discover, understand, and live on far away planets.  With a keen eye for fashion and design, she fills her room with jet packs attached to high heeled boots, accessorized helmets and spacesuits, and several rovers with interchangeable parts.  Enthusiasm for experimentation often lead to unexpected and delightful stories of intergalactic travel.  Her ultimate goal is to become an astronaut and journey to Mars, all while wearing her uniquely designed space gear.  



Jordy is an adventurous and determined young boy who spends his days immersed in the world of rockets, tirelessly tinkering with prototypes to perfect his designs.  His deep appreciation for nature leads him to believe that the natural forces around him contribute to the success of his rocket launches.  One day while closely observing a frog leaping, Jordy was fascinated by the force of its legs.  The connection deepened as he incorporated principles from the frogs powerful leaps into his rocket creations leading to unimaginable success.  He knew it took great force to set something free! 

Da Vinci is a playful and creative snake who draws inspiration from his namesake, the legendary artist Leonardo da Vinci. He can twist and turn his body into various shapes, showcasing different types of lines - straight, curved, zigzag and is adorned in vibrant patterns on his scales reminiscent of the artist’s palette.  As he slithers through life teaching his friends about the beauty of lines in all things, Da Vinci fosters a love for art and design in the hearts of the next generation. 

Da Vinci


Newton’s powerful leaps play a central role in connecting the principles of force to the fascinating world of rocket science. Every time he propels himself into the air with a mighty jump, he becomes a living example of Newton’s Third Law of Motion - for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  He inspires his friends to make the connection between his leaps and space exploration as they discover the fascinating world of physics in a fun and engaging way. 

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