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When space-loving siblings combine forces, their bedrooms and backyard become the launchpad to the adventure of their dreams.

Fly, Fly Again is a clever and charming story about Jenny, a child who dreams of flying. After years of tinkering in makeshift laboratories and studying the mechanics of flight with her pet Hawk, Jenny builds a plane—only to crash into the yard of her skateboarding neighbor, Jude, and his pet cheetah.

Fly, Fly again

This unique story includes lessons that help push early childhood education, including topics such as problem-solving, teamwork, and determination which are all enhanced by entertaining 3D art that can be viewed through our partners at Double A Labs' free mobile app. Simply go to your device's app store, download the application, scan the book's illustrations and watch them come alive!

Ready, Set, Mars

Elementary schoolers Jet and Jordy live and breathe the world of space science, especially when it comes to understanding and constructing homemade working rovers and rockets. If there’s a challenge to be solved, this sister and brother figure it out, even if it means that Jet’s rover is destroyed by the rocket that Jordy accidentally sends crashing through her bedroom window!

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